Why I Stopped Sharing Isagenix

Sometimes it’s important to take a close look at the things that stop us from sharing Isagenix with others. Despite how great the products are and how awesome …

14 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Sharing Isagenix”

  1. Thank you for this video the comments suggest that the world needs healthier foods to stimulate more full thoughts. lol 'duh it could change my life but he's smiling and I think of cults for some reason when I see happinesss, so screw logic and healthy products duh because impressions rule over scientific facts to our starved dipshit minds' lol what are they even doing here? This video is for people who want to be healthy and or make money.

  2. The name of this video hurts Isagenix you should change it. I get why you use it however most will not watch due to the name and change their mind about using the product!

    I have been doing this nutritional cleanse and detox system. It helps to detox the body and to help fix nutritional deficiencies. I ended up losing 48lbs and gaining 9 pounds of lean muscle mass. My energy is through the roof! We are all so happy because the branch chain amino avid profile is a precursor to happy brain chemical production. Fix your nutrition .. fix your life ! Now I get to help and coach others to better health. Ignore the title this is a great company with an ex excellent reputation

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