Who Has The Best Meal Replacement- ISAGENIX, HERBALIFE or SHAKEOLOGY

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  1. 18shake Is the top one on the market. I've already lost 12 pounds and am in month 2. I eat fresh fruits and veggies mid morning and mid afternoon. Then what ever I want and however much I want for dinner. I still drink alcohol. 18shake is THE best easiest diet I've done. All natural, only 1g sugar, high protein. They taste great, uses stevia as sweetener.

  2. Hey champ, great idea. I tried a few and Isagenix does taste the best and doesn’t have the fillers. I have read all my packs and cannot find this information anywhere. I also noted my tummy doesn’t get upset from the Isagenix as the fillers usually affect me. Keep up the research. Great idea to compare.

  3. If you want to take nutritional advise from a guy at a health food store that can't even pronounce the names let alone have the educational background that qualifies him to be an expert on anything buyer beware. I've tried all of the products personally and Isagenix wins hands down in how I feel and the results.It just beat out the heart healthy diet in a scientific study.It has nobel prize winning scientist behind it. I'm a medical professional that actually does their research. Not just what's trending at the local health food store.

  4. If you're going to critique nutritional products, you should educate yourself on your so called "fillers". For example, Silicon Dioxide is a naturally occurring MINERAL that is used as an anticaking agent that helps maintain the proper texture of the IsaLean Shake. I have critiqued over 100 different nutritional shakes and none of them come close to the Isagenx IsaLean Shake, especially Herbalife and BeachBody/Shakeology. Here is a Complete Ingredient-by-Ingredient Breakdown of the IsaLean Shake and the purpose of that ingredient. https://shar.es/1Vs4ZA

    There are many factors I check out when critiquing a companies nutritional shake. This is what I look for:

    The first thing I look at is the companies product formulator. Most companies do not provide this information, but Isagenix provides it on the company web site.

    The formulator of the Isagenix product line is John Anderson. John has formulated products for over 37 years. He has worked as a private-label supplement manufacturer and formulator for more than 600 companies, creating more than 2,300 nutritional and weight-loss products. His products are internationally recognized and respected as groundbreaking and incredibly effective. For Isagenix, John took the art of formulation to the highest level, creating revolutionary formulas that work. “At Isagenix, we want the highest quality products for our Associates.” John Anderson, Founder and Formulator (2).

    Next I check the number of calories in the nutritional shake. To be considered a meal replacement, a shake must have between 240 and 300 calories. The Isagenix IsaLean shake is a complete nutritional meal replacement with 240 calories.

    The next thing I check is the quality and type of protein used in the shake. Isagenix uses 24 grams of a undenatured whey protein concentrate from New Zealand. This protein comes from grass-feed cows that are only milked 9 months out of the year. These cows are never given any antibiotics or hormones (3). If your protein shake has less than 20 grams of protein, you need a new shake!

    Research shows that whey protein is one of the best, if not the best, protein source to consume regularly for maximum satiety, thermo-genesis, and muscle protein synthesis. But which whey is best?

    Whey protein concentrate typically contains around 80 percent protein in addition to a small amount of fat, minerals, and lactose. Because it’s more complete, whey protein concentrate usually has more bioactive components and proteins that add to concentrate’s benefit. Concentrate is a very suitable form of whey protein for use in complete meal replacements (like IsaLean Shake and IsaLean Pro) for its overall benefit (4).

    Whey protein isolate is the isolated protein fraction from whey protein concentrate providing 90 percent or more of protein—making it the purest protein source. Some people believe this form to be the best because of its purity. While purity is certainly a positive attribute, many isolates don’t have the other benefits of concentrate due to bioactive components and proteins being broken down during processing. Whey protein isolates are typically used in “muscle-minded” products aimed at bodybuilders and are also widely used in snack and meal replacement bars (4).

    Whey protein hydrolysate is predigested, meaning the long chains of amino acids typically found in isolates and concentrates are broken down into single amino acids. This is similar to what happens in our own bodies during digestion. Because whey hydrolysate is predigested, it’s thought to result in faster absorption and release of amino acids into the blood stream, which may lead to slightly greater muscle protein synthesis when ingested after exercise. For this reason, whey protein hydrolysates are used mainly in bodybuilding supplements. However, studies have shown that because whey protein absorbs so quickly in its original form, predigesting it to a hydrolysate does not lead to significantly faster absorption. Also, whey hydrolysate has a bitter flavor, which must be masked with heavy use of sweeteners and flavoring to make palatable. And as with isolate, the destruction of amino acid chains leads to less support of the immune system and antioxidant status in the body compared to concentrate (4).

    After checking the protein, I check out the type of sweetener used in the product. Many companies use artificial sweeters like sucralose. Sucralose is found in Splenda.

    Sucralose is an artificial sweetener and sugar substitute. The majority of ingested sucralose is not broken down by the body, so it is noncaloric (5). Sucralose/Splenda has been found to cause a variety of harmful biological effects in the body, according to a recent research review published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part B: Critical Reviews. Sucrolose reduces good gut bacteria and alters the amount and quality of those beneficial microbes that hang out in your belly (the same ones found in yogurt) by 50% or more. “Alteration in bacterial counts is associated with weight gain and obesity,” says Dr. Schiffman. Sucralose makes meds less effective and limits the absorption of therapeutic drugs, such as those for cancer and heart disease, rendering them less effective. Many people bake with Splenda to reduce the calories in a recipe, but sucralose decomposes during baking, which releases potentially toxic compounds called chloroproanols. Sucralose may alter your body's responses and can alter insulin responses and blood sugar levels, has been associated with inflammatory bowel disease, and may even alter genes, the researchers note (6).

    Isagenix uses Frutose and Stevia as its main sweeteners. “Fruit sugar,” or fructose, is naturally found in fruits and vegetables. Unlike other sources of simple sugar, fructose is low-glycemic because it has only a modest effect on blood sugar. Fructose is nearly twice as sweet as sugar, which allows for less sugar and fewer calories overall, and delivers the same sweet taste. Stevia is a natural sweetener that is produced from the leaves of the stevia plant, Stevia rebaudiana. It is one of the most popular and widely used zero-calorie sweeteners. Stevia is a crop that is native to South America and has been grown for centuries for its naturally sweet taste (7).

    The Isagenix Difference – Ionic Alfalfa™ is a proprietary technology combining plant source minerals and alfalfa juice extract to enhance and improve its bioavailability. Using no-compromise ingredients in this “spark plug” of life, these super-charged minerals provide the building blocks that support 95 percent of the body’s functions. With more than 70 minerals and trace minerals sourced from the ancient and prehistoric beds of organic plant matter located within the Earth, this revolutionary product is so refined and complex, it’s unlike anything else out there.

    Read more about Ionic Alfalfa™ here: http://tinyurl.com/isagenixIonicAlfalfa

    The Isagenix IsaLean Shakes also contain live enzymes that are activated when water is added. Live enzymes are essential for the absorption of vitamins into your body. Enzymes are the key to life and without them, we are dead. When we are born we are given only a limited supply of enzymes. You can only get enzymes from raw food. Once you cook an enzyme (if you take an enzyme above 118 degrees F or below 0 degrees) you kill it. To get the most benefits from these live enzymes, you need to consume the Isagenix IsaLean Shake within 10 minutes.

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  5. I am a distributor for the Juice Plus+ Company which has a plant based vegan protein shake with whole food nutrition. They have vanilla and chocolate. They also have bars, and their main product is the capsules and gummies of fruit, veggie and berry whole food nutrition. No additives, fillers, preservatives, stimulants, and no GMO crap. They grow and monitor their own food and the soy in the shakes is "good" soy. You should check out their product and let me know what you think. http://www.mary-pautz.juiceplus.com

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