Weight Loss Before And After 3 Weeks On Isagenix Vegan

Sorry this video is so late. I know some of you were wondering how the weight loss was going. Here it is! Facebook and Instagram Leandralively.

9 thoughts on “Weight Loss Before And After 3 Weeks On Isagenix Vegan”

  1. Wao for 3 weeks you lost a lot!!!!! Can you just tell me what is the things you had to buy??? I think like you I can't afford it!!! Was it there food and drinks and exercise???

  2. fruits and veggies I think are better, and starches are better limited. Some people don't burn starches as well. Also sugar and avocados should be in moderation. Lots of water expertise, and sleep. Just my opinion, love your videos.

  3. I love your post although i loved the products for clarity and energy, but we didnt enjoy working the business…I think you rock gurl 🙂 My partner G and I live in a mobile home also and travel Australia. Love to keep in touch gurl

  4. You are beautiful inside and out. The weight will come off with low fat starch. Dr John McDougall is the easiest and cheapest way to be a thin healthy vegan.

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