WATCH Before You Order Isagenix

In this video we share a few things you should know before you go out and buy Isagenix. If you are going to make an investment in your health, it’s important that …

20 thoughts on “WATCH Before You Order Isagenix”

  1. I think its obvious this company is a joke , why on earth would anyone , or better yet why should anyone , have to be on an " auto ship" program ? that alone is bull shit , and has anyone checked the amount of sugar in the isalean shakes? OMG !!!

  2. I Love My Isagenix! Ive been using it over a year now I started taking it because of my poor eating habits and lack of energy I came into the program as a skinny fat, unhealthy person, Isagenix was the solution I needed to get back to my healthy lifestyle it gave me the right nutrition for my body to tone and become stronger and healthier, cleanse my body on a cellular level, burning visceral fat around the belly ( helping me lose that muffin top) the energy i have feels like i was in my 20s, I Love the fact that you burn fat while building muscle …the cleanse for life is so important because it helps you remove years of built up toxins from your body… I Love how healthy and energetic i feel after a cleanse day! No Bloating! ( side effect of toxins in body) I Love How I feel in My Body, and i love that i can wear some of my fav clothes and belts again that i haven't been able to wear for years because of the fat i put on around my waistline! I can now because of the Cleanse and nutrition systems ive been maintaining daily. The Company is awesome! customer service is the best! if there are any issues they help, dont order third party go directly to an isagenix associate who can get you started with the right system for you 🙂…The Freedom to choose let me know if you want me to remove my web page link off of here 🙂 ISAGENIX WORKS the results are real, the transformations are every day people like us…Im an ISA Girl for life xo

  3. This shit sounds exactly like the other company that did this exact same thing… STRAIGHT SCAM! Dont do this shit. You will hate yourself. Its a pyramid scheme!!!! If you dont believe me look at Herbalife! I have a feeling it might be the same parent company based on how it works, and the platform they are on. Anyway dont be stupid!

  4. This man is talking complete crap! No Isagenix product can be described as "fresh". In the real world (outside of the MLM bubble), that description is associated with very recently harvested whole foods like fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts etc. These powders and bars are NOT raw, they are NOT even 'food-state' … whey in their shakes for example is highly processed – it is a by-product of the cheese making industry. Concerned about your health? Time to get real!

  5. Fresh? What the hell are you talking about, fruit and vegetables are fresh, not processed milk powder sold online thru MLM companies…'fresh' means the item has a very short shelf life of a few days, not months or years.

  6. The products are not bad, but they are way over-priced and the customer service is absolutely awful. You can order the same products from Amazon without all the shoddy interaction with this pyramid scheme. The company is a joke! Stay away from them at all costs. The shakes are not terribly tasty, but they are as good as the others out there, but all the other products are a waste of money. The cleanse is just diuretics. Horrible customer service of this pyramid scheme.

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