Update finally!!! Espira shake Avon review….weightloss journey update…thoughts on isagenix..

This video is an all over the place video with Avon Espira review, Avon make up review, isenagix thoughts, weightloss journey, sickness ect.If you are interested …

3 thoughts on “Update finally!!! Espira shake Avon review….weightloss journey update…thoughts on isagenix..”

  1. I've come to a conclusion that the Espira line does not work. I have seen three people videos and Yale talk on and on but never say that Yall have lost weight with product line. You said that you lost 61 pounds but never said that it was with Espira….

  2. I'm an Ind. Avon Rep, and I'm so sorry that you didn't like the shakes! Did you add anything to them? I used the Espira Metabolism Boost System for 30 days and the weight is just melting off of me! I lost 27lbs since starting the system on 12/21/17 and I'm very happy with the results! I have tried many diets in the past, including the Adkins Diet, Isagenix, Weight Watchers, starvation…. none of them worked… yes, I would drop 1-3 lbs, but gain them right back. Espira was not created as a weight loss plan, it was created to boost your metabolism & fill in your nutritional gaps as well as help restore your natural energy. I love Espira! you can go take a look at it yourself by going to youravon.com/rogerw. What I really enjopy about it is I don't have to cut foods out of my daily meals… I can eat whatever I want to eat, and I'm still losing the weight! All I can suggest is give it a try… if you don't like it, Avon has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee! Just return what you didn't use for a full refund!

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