The Ultimate Protein Shake MUCH Healthier Than Herbalife and Isagenix

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27 thoughts on “The Ultimate Protein Shake MUCH Healthier Than Herbalife and Isagenix”

  1. Hi, it'd be really helpful to have the camera focused on what you're making instead of on your face, which I don't need to see in order to understand what you're saying. You could even do close-ups on the products to make it easier to identify them in the store. Otherwise, this seems like a pretty awesome recipe! I'd love to know just how many grams of protein and other macros and vitamins are in it. Thanks!

  2. Was hoping to try this but wow, a lot of animal products. I can't have the eggs, dairy or whey. What about the vegan shakeology? I know you don't like the synthetic vitamins, but are gmo's still a concern?

  3. hi there i use isagenix, this is my second month now, and i have consulted two of my doctors and they have read all of the ingredients in the products, and they were actually amazed on all the vitamins and nutrition it provides, what makes you so against these sort of things?

  4. Awesome video I have been into the fitness industry and weight training scene for about a decade and now I make my own breakfast shakes in the morning that look pretty much identical to yours. Raw eggs from organic free range naturally fed chickens. (Bugs stuff like that) Raw milk, ONE scoop of whey protein very simple basic stuff, and then I throw in a banana and a cup of rolls oats that I problend just so I can make it easy to drink. That's pretty much it, simple quick nutritious and very healthy breakfast shake ūüôā
    Love this video, keep it up.

  5. Ancestral Nutrition, I can,t seem to find the ingredients list for your protein shake you're describing. In the clip you mention preserve whey that is added but i can't make out the actual name nor can i find how to order it…help please.

  6. Thanks for posting this video, I used to drink Shakeology which I enjoyed and felt physical benefits from. However, after reading your review on your blog I was disheartened to find out that I was paying so much for GMO whey protein. I am purchasing the ingredients listed above to try your recipe. All together it cost about the same (maybe a bit less) than a one month supply of Shakeology so why not give it a try!   How is the taste of your mixture?

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