Five Steps to Good Gut Health

Good gut health is proving to be more important than previously thought. It can help with everything from digestive, brain, and heart health to your ability to lose or maintain your desired weight.

Researchers have pinpointed a few things you can do daily to support your gut microbiome. Following these five steps could help you improve your gut health and feel your best daily.

Step 1: Take Your Personalized IsaBiome Daily Digestive Health System

The IsaBiome™ Daily Digestive Health System pairs probiotics with digestive enzymes for double the digestive support. The system is available in two versions — conventional diet and vegetarian diet — to best suit your personal gut microbiome.

Probiotic supplements can support overall health and well-being in a myriad of ways. Chief among these are digestive and immune support (1-3). Scientific studies are only beginning to uncover the many benefits of restoring microbial diversity in the gut (1-3).

Digestive enzymes can also encourage microbial diversity, which can help your stomach handle a rich, varied diet full of nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. The enzymes work to break down your meals, easing digestion and helping you get the most from your food.

Step 2: Eat a Diet Rich in Fiber

Getting the right amount of fiber is essential for supporting a healthy, balanced digestive system. Yet, most people get far less fiber than they need.

While the Institute of Medicine recommends at least 25 grams of dietary fiber for women and 38 grams for men every day, only about 5 percent of adults meet this recommendation (4). According to a large national health survey, the average person gets just 16 grams of fiber a day, or about half of the minimum level that’s recommended to maintain good health (5).

Diets rich in fiber are associated with more successful weight loss and reduced risk for disease. That is why Isagenix provides so many snacks and shakes containing high amounts of fiber.

Several Isagenix products are good or excellent sources of fiber.

Product Grams of Fiber per Serving
FiberPro™ 5
Fiber Snacks™ 6
IsaLean® Shake 8
Plant-Based IsaLean Shake 8
IsaLean Bar 1-9 (depending on the flavor)
Plant-Based IsaLean Bar 8-11 (depending on the flavor)


Step 3: Try Prebiotics for Extra Support

Prebiotics can be thought of as food for probiotics, the living good bacteria in your gut. The fiber used in many IsaLean Shakes and FiberPro is prebiotic soluble fiber. The prebiotics you get from a balanced diet and Isagenix products work together with the IsaBiome Daily Digestive Health System to support your digestive health.

Step 4: Get Enough Magnesium With IsaFlush

Formulated with key minerals like magnesium and soothing herbal ingredients, IsaFlush® is a natural choice to support a balanced, regular digestive system and a healthy gut. Not to be confused with a laxative product, IsaFlush does not contain any harsh stimulants. It uses gentle magnesium to support improved water balance to promote normal intestinal function. It also provides soothing herbs like peppermint and hyssop for greater intestinal comfort and bentonite to aid in the elimination of waste.

Step 5: Turn to TumBliss

When a little extra comfort is needed, you can rely on the combination of dill, spearmint, peppermint, lemon, carrot seed, cardamom, lemon grass, and ginger in TumBliss™ for a calming experience. Not only does this blend offer a unique aroma, but the ingredients were also specifically chosen for their soothing effect on the gut.

Other “Gut” Factors

Your gut can also be highly affected by factors like stress level, age, and physical activity. Healthy lifestyle choices that can support gut health include limiting your consumption of highly processed and fatty foods, not smoking, reducing caffeine and alcohol intake, and staying properly hydrated.

By consuming a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and other sources of fiber and using an Isagenix System, you can help support your gut for optimal health and wellness.


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From Bean to Square: The 5 Steps to IsaDelight Chocolates

IsaDelight® chocolates are carefully crafted to ensure outstanding quality and exceptional flavor. A significant amount of preparation goes into each part of the five-step process, from sourcing the raw cocoa beans to producing each flawless chocolate square.

Step 1: Choosing the Finest Cocoa Beans

Isagenix sources only top-quality cocoa beans, which are hand-picked by certified cocoa graders. Our cocoa is grown on small family farms and harvested at peak ripeness. Allowing the cocoa pods to ripen fully before harvest increases the concentration of the natural compounds that contribute to the characteristic chocolate flavor. After harvest, the cocoa beans are scooped from the cocoa pods and prepared using traditional methods.

Step 2: Gently Processing the Beans

Our cocoa beans are gently processed using temperature-controlled methods to create a smooth texture and rich flavor while carefully protecting the cocoa’s delicate natural compounds. First, the inner part of the cocoa bean, called the cocoa nib, is roasted under a controlled temperature to release its deep chocolate flavor and aroma. Roasted cocoa nibs are then finely ground to produce a thick liquid called cocoa liquor (which doesn’t contain any alcohol). The warmth generated during the grinding process causes the cocoa butter in the nib to melt, resulting in a liquid blend of melted cocoa butter and fine cocoa powder.

Step 3: Blending the Ingredients

During the final blending process known as conching, the chocolate liquor is blended with additional cocoa butter, vanilla extract, and other ingredients to complete the IsaDelight recipe. Flavor ingredients like milk and natural peppermint extract are added to create Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate With Mint Flavor IsaDelight. At this stage, a carefully formulated blend of nutrients is incorporated into the chocolate mixture. These nutrients include green tea extract, amino acids, and select vitamins and minerals that boost the natural benefits of chocolate.

Step 4: Tempering the Chocolate

Each step in the process of creating IsaDelight chocolates involves precise temperature control to protect the delicate natural compounds in cocoa, but temperature is most critical during tempering. At this stage, our chocolate mixture is melted at a mild 83 degrees Fahrenheit under carefully controlled conditions. Tempering helps to create a smooth, glossy appearance and a satisfying snap when you bite into an IsaDelight chocolate.

Step 5: Pouring and Hardening the Squares

When tempering is complete, the warm chocolate mixture travels through a short insulated pipe and is poured into a mold to form the familiar IsaDelight square. The molds are pre-warmed to match the temperature of the liquid chocolate and then quickly cooled to set the shape. The completed chocolate squares are released from the mold with a firm tap and undergo a final quality inspection. Finished IsaDelight chocolates are immediately sealed in individual wrappers to protect freshness.

IsaDelight chocolates are rich, decadent treats you can feel good about enjoying. From bean to square, our thorough process ensures these nutrient-rich chocolates taste delicious and satisfy cravings.

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Science Behind: 8 Steps to Safe & Pure Isagenix Health Products

Isagenix’ line of health products go above and beyond to ensure safety, purity, and effectiveness – the basis of our no compromise ingredient policy. In fact …

The Eight No-Compromise Steps of Essence by Isagenix Essential Oils

Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil is backed by the Isagenix no-compromise commitment to quality and safety through a detailed, comprehensive quality and safety process.

Isagenix has created products based on a commitment to no-compromise quality since its inception. We have built our reputation on exceeding all standards commonly used in the nutraceutical industry, and our no-compromise standards place Isagenix in a category of its own. The introduction of Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil is familiar territory for the company, both in harnessing the power and benefits of botanicals and following no-compromise quality standards in creating and bringing our Customers the highest-quality essential oils possible.

Here’s an overview of how that process demonstrates how Essence is in full accordance with our no-compromise quality standards for purity, safety, and authenticity:

Step 1- Crop selection based on evidence that shows benefits

We partner with only carefully vetted and responsible suppliers that have 100+ years of combined experience in the growing, harvesting, and manufacturing of essential oils. Through these relationships and their practices, we have identified the most sought-after raw materials grown in precise agricultural and meteorological conditions around the world with unique properties that cannot be replicated elsewhere. Naturally occurring aromatic plants are selected based on evidence that shows benefits when they’re used in aromatherapy, paying special attention to the plant origin and the part of the plant from which oil is extracted.

Step 2- Meticulously executed extraction

The oils are extracted from the plants using steam distillation or cold pressing depending on the species and plant part. Steam distillation passes steam through the plant material to collect the essential oils, while cold pressing extracts the oils; by mechanically crushing the plant followed by separating the essential oil via centrifugal force.

Step 3- Expert organoleptic testing

The extracted oils are sent to Isagenix for organoleptic testing and approval, ensuring that the appearance, color, and fragrance are up to standards. If the oil is not up to the standards of our trained experts, the oil is rejected.

Step 4- ISO standards verification by third-party testing labs

Once approved, the oils are sent to industry-leading, third-party laboratories in both the U.S. and Canada to perform identification, purity, analytical, and microbiological testing. For Identification testing we use several test methods including gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and gas chromatography-flame ionization detector (GC-FID). These tests detect all the components that make up the specific oil and ensure that each oil meets the high standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) — which validate the quality and purity of the oil. Additional tests to assess and ensure the quality and purity of the oil are performed on every lot prior to release include: refractive index, specific gravity, optical rotation, heavy metals for contaminants, microbial and organoleptic evaluations.

Step 5- Bottling in FDA-regulated facilities

The Isagenix Quality Control and Assurance team release the approved oils to be filled, bottled, and labeled at FDA-regulated food facilities that have been thoroughly vetted and have met our no- compromise quality standards.

Step 6- Microbiological testing by third-party labs

The essential oils are sampled and submitted to third-party laboratories for microbiological testing to ensure the oils are 100 percent pure and free of bacterial contaminants. An additional organoleptic test is performed to ensure quality.

Step 7- Isagenix Quality Assurance Review

Samples from each batch of Essence are shipped to Isagenix World Headquarters in Arizona for final evaluation by our Quality Assurance team. This round of testing consists of organoleptic (sensory), analytical, and documentation verifications prior to the oil’s arrival in our distribution centers.

Step 8- Safe delivery of no-compromise, shatter- and leak-proof packaged products

Finally, 100 percent pure, authentic, and no-compromise Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil products are packaged in shatter- and leak-proof packaging to ensure that the integrity and quality of each individual oil is safely delivered to your door!

For more information on Essence, check out the Toolkit.

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