14 thoughts on “Shakeology and Isagenix Review”

  1. Love it! You are awesome. Amazing how many “Reps” I see really putting their all into a system that takes more than it gives back to them. I really love how their eyes gloss over when they speak about their chosen product… like their speaking about their faith or some supernatural experience lol. I just sit back wondering if they offer a “Green Kool-aid” flavor.

  2. Awesome video! As an exercise scientist, I believe maintaing healthy diet & regular exercise is the only effective way to reduce weight & increase your life expectancy! Don't buy into these shams, half of their products have additives, gluten & U natural ingredients etc.Education is key 🔑

  3. thank you Adrianne! I'm one of those people you are talking about.. I cannot afford those pricey shakes! I've had reps try and sell me these products and don't seem to understand for a single parent its too expensive! If they were affordable I would actually give them both a try..but I just can't.
    thanks girly 😄

  4. Adrianne, I will personally buy you a 30 day system from Isagenix; so you can try it for yourself and actually have an experience with the products. I will also give you the emails and phone numbers of the formualtor, nutritionists, and doctors who stand by the undenatured, organic, non gmo ingredients they use in their products. Ask them all the hard questions you have and see if their responses are up to your standards.
    It is unfortunate that most people are not as educated or fit as you, but there are hundreds of thousands of people who have had life changing results with the products. Don't discredited our success. As is anything in this life, it is a journey and a learning process. I may not have a degree in nutrition, but I have results I can share and a desire to see others feel as great as I do. Clearly, you have the same desire to help others and passion to reach many or you wouldn't have made this video.
    Like I said, a 30 day system is on me. At wholesale cost, it's not as "expensive" as you had mentioned. In fact, the value of the 30 day system is worth way more then they are charging. And if you're going to review the system/products, it's probably best you have an actual experience to base your information off of.
    Email me when your ready, jhbussetti@gmail.com

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