New Year Diet-An Emotional Weight Loss Story Here is a emotional weight loss story of Jill Birth who lost an amazing 131 lbs. and 141 inches of fat with a New …

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  1. Emotional,but inspiring,if I can help show people like Lisa to never give up and show our products to help in the process and support from a great and fantastic support network within Isagenix I will achieve 1 of my own personal goals

  2. I don't want to be mean, but this could be her slim sister at the end. Where is the proof that it is her? Why suddenly at the end, she is not talking like in the beginning? She should post a video where she is actually talking and really showing that it is her!! If it is her, Kudos…that is a lot of weight, but I am still skeptic, because I know that these weight-loss companies sell their stuff on any cost.

  3. My girlftriend noted this “vivi awesome plan” diet guide (google it) to me when we all we’re talking one day. You must google this and read up on it. Since i have started using this diet guidebook my way of life has entirely turned around. I am delighted with the amazing results I`ve attained – I`ve lost nearly 12 lbs!

  4. Eres muy hermosa , eres perfecta, yo realmente te admiro, aunque no entendí nada de lo que dices, las imágenes cuentan tu historia y es asombrosa. Yo que siempre lucho con 10 kilos y me cuesta un año perderos, y tu en un año estas perfecta. Te felicito, no te detengas, eres un gran ejemplo para este mundo que se esta muriendo en la obesidad y en la mala alimentación.

  5. I love you! You are such an inspiration. My health is not good and my medication has been my catch 22 of weight loss. Then I have an 8 year old who weights over 110 a couple months ago. I want to help my precious Emma. What would advise for Emma

  6. Do yourself a favor and try this. Even if you are not fat! I am not and I heard that Weight loss green store tea targets weight loss. However, made me interested is the energy boost and mood fix. As long as you take it on a daily basis, you will see results.

  7. you look great ! follow kristina on FULLY RAW and The Food babe on you tube and facebook. They are the best health coaches ! Also high carb hannah on you tube ! they are great and keep me going too ! My health really improved because of them for the past year.

  8. What an AWESOME and very powerful story. Thank you for sharing it. I am just starting my Isagenix journey. I want that "after" picture. I've been trying to get that picture for over 13 years now. I believe I can achieve that after picture with Isagenix. I hope to create a team and have a lifelong career helping others obtain their health and wellness goals. Thank you so much for sharing. You are such an inspiration.

  9. It's sad seeing all the links and talk about commercial diet programs, pills, and supplements. All you do when you pay for that stuff is line someone else's pocket with your hard earned money. You want to lose weight and save your money? Go for a 20 minute walk every day, cut sugar out of your diet, eat a lot less carbs, drink 64 to 128 ounces of water a day, and eat real food. There is no magic supplement or program that will do it for you. You don't need meal replacement bars or shakes. I started out at 404lbs, painful knees, and have had 3 back surgeries. I lost weight in a healthy way without giving my money away paying for expensive diet programs and supplements.

  10. How a 45-yr old, out-of-shape woman stop eating "health foods" that gave her a massive heart attack and mysteriously drops over 37 lbs to save her own life. See my comment below for complete her story.

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