“Isagenix Side Effects” After Using The 30 Day System

http://yt.theafterpictureproject.com So, you want to know the truth about [Isagenix Side Effects]? Great! I’m going to share with you my experience with the 30 day …

6 thoughts on ““Isagenix Side Effects” After Using The 30 Day System”

  1. All of these benefits that you claim you experienced using this product are not "side effects"… A "side effect" indicates that there's something off or something unpleasant happening after taking a product such as this one… I cannot take your video seriously AT ALL… sounds like a paid advertisement…

  2. What a capitalist hook… the title pulls in the skeptics who then discover the video is a straight out promo. Not a good reflection on the company.

  3. I'm having headaches (i never had headaches ever) I feel hungry constantly, I'm tired a lot and I feel depressed and deprived. I weigh 340lb and I'm a guy and they say that the plan is exactly the same for a 90 lb petite girl or a 700 lb male. How does this even make sense. I'm 2 weeks in and I challenged myself (and spent a lot of money) to do this 4 weeks but after that I'm going to a regular normal diet with watching total calories.

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