Isagenix scam or not? Current Affair reviews Isagenix Health and Wellness company

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  1. It took a mate 3 years to convince me to try it. One week on the shakes and I stopped smoking(33 years) without any withdrawal symptoms. A month later I started the IsaChallenge and now 3 months into it I've put on 10kgs of lean muscle, I was 58kgs@6ft tall, now 68. It's not just about losing weight. It's nutritional cleansing. Good nutrients in, toxins from modern living out, I'm fitter now than I was as a teenager. Unbelievable product that has changed my life. End of Story!!

  2. As for the business, like ANY business, you can't build a business in 2 MONTHS and expect to have it go gang busters????  That is crazy!!!  It is a business like anything else, you have to put the time in — like any entrepreneur.  I have been in this industry for 11 years and absolutely love what it affords people to achieve.  I have been with Isagenix for over 4 years now and make a corporate income.  I've been building a business now part time around my family.  I highly, highly recommend the company.  As I've been in the industry with 3 companies and am so happy with all that Isagenix has afforded my clients in the way of total health.  It is JUST FOOD, but it takes the guess work out and supplies the cells with optimal nutrition, while helping the body to remove impurities.  Best thing in the market!!!  NOT a SCAM!!!

  3. i seen this joanna mcmillan selling some thing like danoz direct what a crack up current affair program is what credibility they have , and the host could do with some isagenix herself miss piggy no pun

  4. haha, Ive seen that same nutritionist on A Current Affair before slaying Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar and stating that refined sugar is ok and actually good for us to eat! (whilst holding a bag of CSR Sugar!) …anything that seems to threaten her role as an 'expert', i.e.; people taking control of their own health… …
    AND Isagenix are ranked within the top 20 Network Marketing Companies worldwide, and been in business for 16years – I don't think that many people world wide would keep buying/using the products for that long if they weren't actually making people feel better in their lives… whatever works people…don't bag what you don't know… (Im not a seller… but I might look into it now! haha)

  5. I'm very hard to be convinced with anything you want to sell to me. But in this case, I actually gave it a good shot and I'm in middle of losing weight with Isagenix. I'm on day 38 (05/02/17) and have lost 10.4 kilos so far. I did exactly what they said. It still takes your will and your discipline to say 'no' to some food offered and your sense of smell seams sometimes verrrry sensitive. And it seems that a Coffee never ever smelt better. Isagenix is definitely a great support to keep your body in balance as good as possible in this time of transition where your body gets used to not been feed with not so good foods. Yes it does keep your calories and cravings under control and gives your body the nutrition it needs. I tried it without and I couldn't do it. I simply didn't have enough energy.

    However I believe that the basic is: Calories intake minus Calorie burned equals either weight gain or weight loss. But I also strongly suggest to deal with health issues first, such as hormone imbalance, under-active thyroids or stress related eat disorder, before going into any challenge to lose weight. Prepare your body and mind gently of what lies ahead and then simply stick to the plan. FULL-STOP. It does work.

    While I am losing weight I am learning to cook all that yummy food and still be able to not exceed my daily calorie intake to be able to eventually replace the shakes and maintain my weight, as I would like to eat at least two meals a day. I don't mind to keep that 1 shake at night as I sleep like an Angel. But generally I will stick to the plan that I learned from Isagenix. I had a look at 'maintain' my health/weight and it will cost me around $100 per month. Maybe a bit more as I will increase my training again and I then will add the Whey Protein or so.
    I'm 100% certain, that all those cost are cheaper than visits to the doctor and to take medication for become diabetics and many more side effects from being obese and on top of it I would say heaps more fun right? So for me a 'no brainer'.

    I sleep much better and have more energy and my close fit again… I look better and feel better. So what's not to like about that? And yes of course if I fall back into my 'old' habits' I will guaranteed gain weight again… and that would certainly not be Isagnix fault.

    What I don't like about the whole Isagenix-thingy is, that it 's kind of this 'cult behaviour'. But then again, it doesn't really bother me, because I don't have to participate do I? So who cares?
    I'm also not interested in selling Isagenix and again I don't have to. I'm using the product to reach my goal and to learn how to keep my weight with my new learned cooking skills. It's apparently awesome so my friends say 🙂 So I've got a win-win situation here. I keep going and I am proud of myself so far.

    My big decision came because I reached 81.6 kilos and what I thought was simply, that I have two choices. Either, I go up to 90 or down to 70. Which one will it be? We all make choices every day. This was one of my choices. It took me a few months to prepare my body and mind to be able to commit a 100%. In less then a couple weeks I will see a '6' again on my scale that I haven't seen for over 3 years since the passing of my partner.

    If I only can motivate 1 person with my story above I'm happy and all I have left to say is: Don't be afraid to get some support. Even if you know it's only temporarily. YOU CAN DO IT – trust me! Raxx

  6. I tried it, enlisted as an associate. Didn't like their shakes or other products. Vitamins okay. Save yourself some $ and buy the stuff at the health food store. If you're looking at this as a business (network marketing) to make income I guess it's possible but wasn't for me. The Millionaires have already been made.

  7. The important question is NOT do the products work (it would be quite shocking if they didn't work considering their high price), or whether they contain refined/processed ingredients (which they do). Each human is unique, and should not significantly alter their regular diet UNLESS they are being guided one-on-one by a Naturopath or wholistic practitioner who understands the unique physiological requirements of that individual. With respect to most MLM marketers their prime focus is on recruiting and increasing their own personal bank balance so they can boast to the new recruits. Nothing wrong with that if they were selling say costume jewellery or mobile phones, but they should NOT be encouraging others to change their diet unless they have recognised medical qualifications AND have the necessary Public Liability insurance – how many Distributors have both the qualifications and PL insurance? Ask Isagenix for the data and you can be sure they won't disclose it. Remember, a new retail customer could have certain medical conditions and/or be taking prescription drugs … no one can accurately predict the potential short or long term side effects from these supplements. Tip of the day: DO NOT attempt to lose too much weight too quickly – your body is not designed for it. Gradual loss of unwanted body fat while slowly increasing lean muscle mass should be the focus – you are not in a competition to see how much and how fast you lose those extra pounds.

  8. People will always be suspicious of other people's success/happiness.. And Tracy Grimshaw will always be there to feed us Jerry Springer style "white trash tv".. Isagenix is no scam, it is simply a very low calorie diet, a program whereby you burn more calories than what you eat for one month. There are many of these programs out there and at $280 AUD/NZD per month its pricing is not unreasonable.. yes you could go and source all these ingredients elsewhere and probably more cheaply, but people are lazy (that's how they came to be overweight in the first place remember!).. I did their 30 day cleanse and lost 8 kg, I found it to be a good diet, it worked for me.. Not surprisingly you just have to eat less crap and get off your ass each day to get the best results (who woulda thought?!)..
    Downside; their marketing is very pushy, they will autoship you next months product unless you "opt out", they have many loyal followers preaching how it has changed their lives and made them a fortune, they have many unqualified isagenix sales reps telling you what you should eat and what is right for you (none/very few of them qualified dietitian's), any of your Facebook friends on this program will constantly tell you how they just take an "E shot" (pure caffeine by the way) and can then run through brick walls etc (much like Bundaberg rum just without the alcohol), they then keep posting photos of themselves "working pool side" or getting some free business class flight somewhere, they use key language which is taught to them at their conferences such as "sharing their secrets with you".. I have a friend in the US who is high up in this pyramid scheme (#sorry they call it "multilevel marketing" pyramids are bad/illegal) and also a friend here in Australia who is a Quadruple Platinum Mega Gold Diamond bla bla bla and I don't think the two know each other but their posts are almost identical each week (I've since stopped following them it was funny initially but just way over the top)..
    Summary Isagenix is just another VLC diet, it has worked for many, it did work for me until I stopped, but you have to put in the effort to get the results..
    You will not get rich from it, much like Amway (American Way) if you are reading this now and considering getting in to get rich you are way to late and way to far down the pyramid (sorry # way to far down the "multi level marketing" program) to make your fortune here, keep your day job, eat healthy, work hard, work-out harder and just be happy with who you are not who you could be..

  9. RJ  Smith 19 different companies over the years what is that one a year or more. If you have had 19 different jobs over our 40 working life, that is a new job every couple of years. Did you make anything doing that. You idiot. Dennis

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