Isagenix reviews don’t tell you about this problem Most isageix reviews will never tell you about the problems you will have when you join isagenix. Most isagenix …

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  1. You have a good point and not that it's 2017 – Email marketing has never gotten so much easier it would seem. I never need the guy next to me to make money . I got the whole world and no more need to harass people that don't want to hear. See we don't want friends and family members running from us ….but we want the people that are interested buying from us without having to scare them. 🙂 that's my 2 cents …nice video also …don't mind them others …sometimes people have a lot of people but no no network marketing business works for me without connecting with the would and finding them interested through targeting and email marketing. Look at me now – IMA PIMP well not literally but you dawgz know what i mean right …right ?

  2. This video couldn't be farther from the TRUTH> how can people be so ignorant???

    He says and I quote: "Your target market is other network marketers, and the best way to attract them is to have a traffic, leads and sales funnel that offers them training, so they to can become better networkers and achieve their income goals.
    Sure you could do home meetings or make cold calls 4-6 hours per day, for the next 5+ years, or you can harness the power of the internet, using a marketing system that presents, sorts and churns out red hot leads on the other end that are looking for the exact thing you are offering."

    Ladies and gentlemen what he says IS NOT TRUE. I've been in isagenix for 3 years and you NEVER run out of people to talk to, ask questions etc unless you have your mouth taped shut.

    Anyone over the age of 18 has the same opportunity as a top executive. You share your results and love for the products, with friends, family, co workers and when you do, Isagenix will start to pay you for referrals. It's important to know what your goals are.

    Do you want to make $500 a month extra, or $10,000 a month and replace the job you hate….that is the million dollar question. I made an extra $20K last year and I DID NOT do cold calls for 4-6 hours a day, are you kidding me????? Now that I'm going for a higher income, I do need to focus 4-6 hours a day on building the business which Isagenix lays out for you so you can build your residual income WHILE you get healthy. This is not a race, its a marathon and people like this man in the video has good intention but is VERY MIS-INFORMED!!!!

  3. Did you read the book the Next Millionaires by Paul Zane PIlzer. He made a million before the age of 26. His advice was amazing. Health and Wellness is the next trillion dollar there is a business to be in. Now they are expanding into the UK. Did you see theuk diet website? Lots of excitement there

  4. NO ONE at Isagenix or any of their Consultants claims that THIS is easy and YOU can make lots of money real quickly. On the contrary, I have heard from ALL of the people I speak with in and around Isagenix, IT TAKES WORK!!! Just like anything in life worth doing. AND YOU DO NOT "Sell" Isagenix, you Eat, and "SHARE" Isagenix. Big difference. As most things in my life, I have discovered there will ALWAYS be people that will look for the fault in anything and everything. I have done extensive research on Isagenix concerning Corporate and Product development and RESULTS, both Physical health results and doing the business results…AND Isagenix receives a FIVE STAR PLUS top rating all around. You will always get what YOU put into to it…or anything else in your life for that matter. Think about it…Isagenix began in 2002 and 14 years later reported global sales in 12 counties only of 3 Billion Dollars. Using NO retail sales. Hmmm…something MUST be working!!!

  5. Isagenix distributors will tell new people that professional athletes are in the programme. Sounds impressive? …think about it. If you were a professional athlete, firstly you could afford to purchase these products without any financial stress. Secondly you can be sure these pro athletes do not personally use all the supplements themselves – only those that are replacements for their current regimen, i.e. they are only exchanging one supplement for another. Thirdly, pro-athletes retire and/or get injured – so a ready made 'lifetime' residual income created partly by being an idolised sports star is a very attractive reason why they should be involved. Celebrity endorsements are extremely powerful because many millions of deluded folks in our society believe that some of the glamour will rub off on them. Keep on dreaming everyone.

  6. People and Sheeple ask yourself these questions! Why is the product being sold through people as "distributors" and not online and in stores? What prudential reasons would a company have to create a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business? What percentage of people lose money or break even joining a MLM. Is it possible that IsAgenix is preying on people who are susceptible to social proof bias? Are these "cleansing" products reviewed by any nutritional scientists?

  7. I used Isagenix 2 years ago preparing for my tummy tuck. It was successful, easily followed and the weight cam off, allowing me to reach my pre op goal. I have regained some f the wright and started back on the program yesterday. Sure some items may be costly, but I feel I am worth it. My husband is my supporter, knowing how to carefully follow me. I support the Isagenix totally, as a client, not as a sales associate. to us, it is the best out there. Terry Gregrich

  8. I went to your website, and feel like that right their is you generating leads. Anyone who would go to the site either wants to try the product, already uses Isagenix or is selling it, so they are already involved or want to become involved. If I am right, that's actually a pretty smart way of doing things, because you're already sourcing the people who are researching/browsing this product. I've seen this left and right on the web lately. Nobody actually puts the information they are claiming to give on the page they link you to. They make you dish out your info, and for what? Why exactly aren't you putting this so called "free" info on the webpage you linked, and i instead must give you my info so you can send me said info?

  9. and to 'Cleanse Coach' & 'Kyle…', are YOU serious??? This man is speaking a truth and is talking about the same thing others have encountered in other MLM programs. If you disagree with him then fine, but don't attack!!! Your attitude is showing (even between the lines!). Give the man a break and don't be nasty.

  10. 'Akelaink' you're either a bratty child playing on YouTube OR your evil wicked prejudice and bigotry are showing. The speaker is a lovely human being with beautiful skin color who's exercising his right to share his opinions.

  11. i registered today but i guess some of you, are making real racist comments and i guess "ISAGEIX" is not for people with color i regret to remove my account today. you'ld not had attacked him with some racist comments. he may have some ignorance issues but he skin has nothing to do with it.

  12. Never ceases to amaze me when a black says anything other than status quo, he is almost attacked. I've already seen several people of other races saying and offering the same "self serving" suggestions. The "you're dark and ugly." comment is simply the mouthings of a racist coward. Wow. Unbelievable.

  13. Are you serious??? Are you a million dollar earner in Network Marketing? You message here is so blatantly self serving. People, if you are reading this, talk to someone earning real money in Isagenix. I haven't run out of people in over 10 years, because I meet people every day who are looking for SOLUTIONS.

  14. There are few fatal errors in this video. We don't sell Isagenix, we offer solutions and opportunities. We share them! Decisions are made by the people we introduce them to. Second, with 7 billion people in the world you will never run out of people to share this product and company with. It's not who you know, it's who your going to meet. As well it's all about who other people know! Yes some people never make money; it's a job period. It can be part time or full time, however I can honestly say that like in any job or position in life you will get out what you put in. Learn the systems, do the work and you will reap the direct benefits as they apply to the effort you make.Decent Vid, but you don't need this man to make your biz work; just follow the systems set up by this Billion dollar company 🙂

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