Isagenix 30 Day Weight Loss Pack Unboxing

Want to know whats included in the Isagenix 30 day Weight loss Pack? Then watch this video. If you would like more information follow the link or comment …

3 thoughts on “Isagenix 30 Day Weight Loss Pack Unboxing”

  1. im curious what u paid because i got this same thing but more stuff, i got box of isalean bars, box of whey thins (10 bags in a box) and a box of sea salt caramel chocalates. i paid 400 oh and i got a blender

  2. If you want a much healthier (and super food packed) shake. Medipro made by a FDA regulated natropathic phramacy called Thorne (I can't stress enough that they are an actual lab and not something like beachbody or the likes) . It is a way better option and easier on the body. It is also half the cost, too. Mostly because you are not paying markup for these "systems". Judging by those ingredients it's really not that special and the isaflush is a laxative so also not the best thing for the body. That's probably the main reason for the weight loss, which isn't healthy and you will end up putting it back on. Just figured I would share an unbiased thought as I am in my 3 year of medical school and we just studied this topic pretty intensely. With that said I hope you do get results that you are looking for no matter the products!

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