Is Isagenix A Scam? ABC News Review of Isagenix Is Isagenix a scam? Here is a ABC News video that reviews Isagenix products. You will that that the “Isagenix scam” or that Isagenix …

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  1. As I read the comments I find them very interesting. In my opinion, isagenix and nutritional cleansing is real. No, you don’t need to purchase a program like isagenix, there are any number of cleansing foods and supplements if you choose that can support your body to shed unnecessary fat and toxins. That being said, it is a program that works if you work it. It’s simple to follow and packed with the nutrients your body needs to thrive. It’s a way, and a fantastic way for many. People say it’s expensive. How much money do you spend on extra groceries in a month? Going out to eat or drink? Most people spend more than they would on this program. As for myself, food is fuel. Putting the right nutrients into your body helps it run efficiently. You can spend time doing all sorts of meal prep, food shopping etc. and take supplements and achieve great results. How is it bad or wrong to purchase a program that makes getting great nutrition easily seen as a bad thing? And of course if we go back to patterns we had before we are going to go back to the way we were. We need to consciously fuel our bodies every day for optimal wellness. Isagenix products is one way to do this with ease and success. Many don’t prefer shakes, and that is ok. It does not mean for those who work it, it’s a scam, faulty nutrition or bogus. People have a free will and a mind. This is one thing you could choose based on scientific evidence that could massively improve the quality of your health with minimum effort.

  2. I live this video! Why does the title have to be so awful??? I’ve avoided watching it for years thinking it was a negative/bashing Isagenix vid. Please change title to something more positive if you are in support of Isagenix. When this comes up in google search results it scares perspective product users 🙁

  3. I sat through an hour and a half presentation with a guy from my workout group trying to sell me isagenix. Although I like the cleansing philosophy and the natural ingredients angle, I feel it's too expensive ($360 for 30 day supply) and can find alternative and comparable supplements that work just as well for less. I also don't like the idea of having to drastically change your entire eating habits. That works in the short term but rarely works in the long term. Remember Slim Fast? I'd like to see what the people in this video look like present day. He also pitched me a multi-level marketing program selling Isagenix. I thought I was just going to buy a few protein shakes, but ended up having to sit through a time-share pitch. Now I got this guy chasing me down, emailing me and texting me to buy this stuff. It makes sense now why these supplements are so expensive…'re paying for the marketing, uplines, people on top of the MLM pyramid. Now I have to see this guy every time I go to my work out group. Do yourself a favor, save some $$$ and do your research, visit a nutritionist, exercise or whatever. There are no short cuts!

  4. I have first hand experience with this. I've used it, my wife uses it sister in law uses it. Yes it is a pyramid "scheme " not "scam" it is quite expensive for a large majority of people. If you go out to eat a lot it's cheaper. But break it down. If you don't hardly eat much yes a shake is going to fill you up. And although fasting is great you don't have to buy this censer to do it. I don't use it and have the same results as when I did. The secret is not eating for the 2 days it actually kick starts your body to start consuming it's fat reserves.

  5. My sister, who is extremely health conscious but also a skeptic, does ironman events, is a health teacher at a high school, absolutely swears by this product. I'm tempted to try it to detox, not for weight loss because I am not overweight. My sister has more energy than I do and she is 9 years older than I am(44). Looks tempting, except the cost, as I am not really well off. Ain't that the way?

  6. I believe because since I was small our doctors sent us cleaning products, there is so much bad food that the body become polluted and people get fat, yhe problem is the new health system is so poor in nutritional knowledge and are so knowledgeable in chemical tablets, they expect always threat symptoms and not cure the disease

  7. Let me just say to anyone out there that nutrition is not easy. I teach 13 classes in weight management and diabetes alone. I've dealt with people tube feedings, dealing with non diet related high blood sugars, GI disorders, kidney, liver, transplant, cancer, pancreatic, metabolic diseases, all that and I'm not even 25. If nutrition was so easy, then it wouldn't take 8 years to be a dietitian which is now the new requirement.

  8. There is research evidence now. Several studies have been completed comparing the IsaGenix program to the Heart Healthy diet. IsaGenix comes out on top. Do the research. This video is old and out of date.

  9. They should have compared with a control candidate that took in the same calories and exercised the same amount. All this Isagenix stuff is just overpriced whey protein powder.

  10. You basically have to starve yourself to lose weight and anything you do eat cannot be fast carbs, startchy vegetables, on the carb part, no sugars, pastas, pizzas, cookies, cakes, flours, spaghettis etc, etc, . Eggs, fish, chicken spinach, broccoli are all good. Take vitamins and moderate amounts of carbs very moderate.

  11. It's no magic pill, it's no quickie thing. It's part of a system. It has worked wonders for my wife and I! Sure, if you follow the convention of "just eat right" you can probably loose weight. But if you have found something, a system that works for you, then why not? I love it, and will continue to use the system!

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