Bedtime Belly Buster with Isagenix by STRONG CONFIDENT LIVING

Shed fat while you sleep peacefully! Now that’s Strong. Confident. Living. Join Laura St.John, Team Isagenix Ambassador, who will lead you step by step through the recipe for the Isagenix bedtime…

26 thoughts on “Bedtime Belly Buster with Isagenix by STRONG CONFIDENT LIVING”

  1. I know that this shake doesn't come with the 30 day program, and is an extra purchase which is fine. But, if you are doing the 30 day program for weight loss, and are currently drinking two Isalean shakes per day, is it ok to add this third shake of Isa Pro Whey at night? Or do you have to substitute one isalean shake with this Isa Pro Whey shake, so that you are still ingesting only two shakes per day?

  2. Just received my IsaPro Chocolate and greens/fruit in my brown box today! Looking forward to doing this. I did notice that the use of the sleep spray at night was included in the "Belly Busters" package on the Isagenix website. I have that so I'll use it too!

  3. Does the chocolate IsaPro keep you awake? I tried this two nights ago, really needed to hit the hay because I needed to get up early for a ride. Ohmygoodness… I lay there 90 min before I could sleep. Just a coincidence??

  4. Hi there, I am in Australia and watching you videos for the first time. I have started my first 30 day challenge but I do not feel I am getting the support I need. so youtube for me. I have not followed it to the letter. but I want to do my best. I have alot of belly fat and am 52 years old. fatty liver can I do the BBB instead of the 30 day or incorporate them both?

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