Cardio or Strength Training: The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Cardio or Strength Training: The Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Everyone knows exercise is good for you – for everything from reducing the risk of chronic disease to improving our quality of life (1). But, which is best?

Like diet fads, new workout fads come and go. It’s hard to keep up and decipher which type of exercise is most beneficial, especially when it comes to weight loss. Is it cardio, strength training, or high-intensity exercise?

Exercise researchers have tackled this question time and time again. Their results: It’s complicated.

Cardio Versus Strength Training

A study out of Duke University compared aerobic exercise, resistance exercise, and a combination of the two in a group of overweight or obese adults (2). For weight loss alone, the study found that the best results in terms of pounds lost comes from aerobic exercise.

However, the weight loss from the participants doing aerobic exercise also included the loss of lean muscle. In contrast, the resistance exercise group gained weight due to an increase in muscle mass, while the combination group lost slightly less weight compared to the aerobic group.

The combination group also experienced the greatest reduction in waist circumference. The result suggests that there’s potential for a greater loss of inches with a smaller overall weight loss resulting in better body composition.

For those who solely desire weight loss, more cardio could be the answer. However, research has shown that for those who want to improve overall body composition, the best exercise is going to be a combination of both cardio and strength/resistance training.

High-Intensity Interval Training

A good way to combine cardio with strength training in a short amount of time is high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Studies have consistently shown that HIIT leads to greater fat loss, specifically abdominal fat loss (3). HIIT typically involves alternating intense bouts of exercise, ranging from 30 seconds to several minutes, with recovery periods spanning one to five minutes. HIIT can incorporate cardio moves, body-weight exercises, and weightlifting, making it a form of exercise that works for people with a wide variety of fitness goals.

PRISE Protocol

Notable for its incorporation of the nutritional timing of protein, HIIT, stretching, and endurance and resistance training, the PRISE protocol allows participants to benefit from each type of exercise.

With the PRISE protocol, each exercise is performed one day per week. Studies that have evaluated effectiveness of PRISE have found that its integration of nutrition and training leads to significant reductions in body fat (4-6). Additionally, the protocol leads to greater gains in muscle mass and improved cardiovascular health (4-6).

The Verdict

There are two caveats worth noting when it comes to your weight loss efforts and exercise, as noted in the research (7):

  1. The most important factor for weight loss is improving your eating habits.
  2. The best exercise to participate in is generally going to be the one that’s most enjoyable since you will be more likely to commit to it.

Yes, physical activity can make a stark difference in your weight loss efforts, but exercise alone rarely makes the biggest difference. The most important thing to keep in mind is that successful long-term weight loss is nearly always reached by a healthy balance of both exercise and nutrition.


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Changing Habits Is Key to Weight Loss Success

Our habits are made up of little things we do as part of our daily lives, often without noticing or thinking much about them. Increasingly, research shows that these daily habits can add up to have a major effect on your weight loss goals, and more importantly, in maintaining your weight loss results.

A habit can be anything that you do often enough for the activity to become practically automatic. This feature of habits can be either a benefit or a challenge, depending on what your habit is and how it fits with your goals. For example, repeating healthy lifestyle choices until they become habit can help make weight maintenance nearly effortless. On the other hand, unhealthful habits can sabotage your success over time. Because a habit is something you do without much thought, it can be hard to notice when habits are getting in the way of your weight wellness goals.

The Power of Habits

Research suggests that any strategy that relies on the power of habits in daily life can be effective for supporting long-term weight loss success. However, many of these studies rely on different methods to help research participants change their habits (1). For example, some research focuses on ways to break old habits while other research centers on the best way to form new habits. While both approaches can lead to change, it’s not clear if one approach is best for helping people achieve long-term weight loss success.

In one recent study, researchers tested whether breaking old habits or forming new habits was more effective for helping people achieve long-term weight loss (2). The researchers randomized participants in two lifestyle programs that each targeted a different aspect of a person’s daily habits. Both lifestyle programs were delivered through a combination of online software and in-person meetings over a 12-week period of active weight loss. Researchers followed up with the study participants one year later to measure how well each group did at maintaining their weight loss results.

The first program, Do Something Different (DSD), helped participants identify and break old habits to enable change. One of the unique features of the DSD program is that it didn’t focus on diet or exercise habits. Instead, the DSD program increased research participants’ awareness of habits in general by challenging participants to disrupt their routine with new activities. The second program, Ten Top Tips (TTT), helped participants create new healthy lifestyle habits and make these changes stick. The TTT program included specific practices to help participants make healthier diet and exercise choices and to form healthy lifestyle habits that last.

Changing Habits Leads to Long-Term Success

At the end of the 12-week active weight loss period, participants in both groups lost a similar amount of weight on average, showing that both approaches to changing habits were effective for short-term weight loss. When researchers followed up with study participants one year later, both groups were equally effective at maintaining their weight loss. The results of this study showed that both approaches to change—breaking old habits and forming new habits—were equally effective for helping participants change their lifestyle to support long-term weight loss success.

The type of habits that get in the way of achieving your weight loss goals can be hard to identify because habits are the things you do without much conscious thought. The results of this study and others suggest that habits have an important influence on long-term weight loss success. Whether you aim to break old habits, create new habits, or a little of both, keep in mind that your habits are a key part of creating a lifestyle that supports lasting weight wellness.


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