5 reasons to doubt Isagenix – is it a scam?

At its core, Isagenix is a caloric restrictive detox program. The concept being that you replace 2 out of 3 meals with whey protein shakes. Facebook: …

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  1. At the end of the day people are just looking for easy ways to get fit.
    Go to the gym, look into what your eating instead of putting your trust in a fabricated idea made to sound and look appealing to your eye. If they don't come across all happy & confident then how else would they get rid of a fake product. yes there a re some benefits, but the fact of the matter is I can get ever single ingredient that they have in each of there products out from nature itself. Just chuck them in a blender and there you go. It really is as simple as that, just cut the shit

  2. I gave isagenix 6 months to prove itself…both in my body and in my wallet. Heres what happened to me…

    The first 4 or 5 days of using it was headaches, hunger, and the runs. Once the headaches and the runs sort of stopped it was constipation and irritability (most likely from being hungry). These products do NOTHING to supress the hunger pangs. I found that yes I did lose a bit of weight (no more than 5 lbs at the most) in the first little while…but any food regimen that makes you ingest less calories than you take in would have had the same results. I found that when I was on the program it just made me constantly crave that one meal at the end of the day that was actually chewable, real food. It didnt make me happy or energetic at all. It made me moody and made me feel weak.
    As far as my wallet goes….well….after 6 months I was totally unable to find anyone interested in trying it out. It was a total waste of time and money.

    Now when I asked on the fb page I was added to about how to convince people to get on board they talked about what buzzwords to use and how to basically be a manipulative, shady salesman to my family and friends. My morals wont allow me to rip someone off. Its one thing to sell something to someone…its something enturely different to turn into that guy that nobody wants to talk to because they are always worried you have ulterior motives and are only out to scam a buck.

    Now let me say something about those that I met on the fb page. First of all….99% of them are overly smiley product pushers that constantly take selfies with their isagenix. I got annoyed and irritated with that scene within a couple of weeks and ended up deleting a bunch of them that I had added on fb just because the only reason they were there was to try and push product and get you to pay money to go to "seminars" that are little more than a high school style pep rally with an agenda.

    So after 6 months I have this to say about it. I couldnt wait to wash my hands of it. I couldnt fool myself anymore into thinking paying 300+ dollars a month to consume 8 oz of sludge twice a day is how I want to live my life.

  3. WOW What miss information here ,  Isagenix has  a team of doctors that are involved ,has the best protein from grass feed cows From New Zealand , $ 2.85 is the cost of the shake not $8 I'm not a sales rep only a product user . I will say that I have looked real hard to find any product in the stores compares to Isagenix and I can't find any that are completely free of artificial ingredients and flavors .Isagenix is more than a protein shake . I love their energy supplements and post workout drinks ,I was one of those people that didn't think it would work for me ,when I don't take the energy supplements before my workouts I don't push myself , I have more energy to keep moving and my muscles don't get fatigued . All natural energy I never have ever had the jitters with Isagenix .

  4. This would be more believable if you weren't reading a piece of paper. It may be a little pricey but so is GNC and all the other generic places you'd buy things from. And the results aren't temporary if you take it seriously and actually keep with the routine, even after you stop using the products. That's the whole point of doing it. If you're just going to lose the weight and stop working to keep it off what's the point of even starting? You have to put forth the effort to get rid of weight and keep it off. It's like everything else in the world. You can't just work on your car once, and then expect it to stay that way. You're always going to have to do some kind of maintenance even if it's just a simple oil change..

  5. This post is comical! Milk powder and artificial sweeteners….hahaha…..and then you show a picture of the ingredients label with all the numbers highlighted (SCARY!!!)…..did you know that 960 is Stevia….a plant based sweetener! Might be worth actually researching this more thoroughly before slandering something you clearly aren't very knowledgeable on. Maybe this site should be the Plant Based Monkey or even better yet, the Plant Based Muppet!

  6. I encourage you to more thoroughly research the company, the product and the individuals that are having success (and failures) with this product. It is my personal experience that the product is set apart from others and the truth is that our food is nutritionally depleted from over farming. Also, it is tainted by gmo's, pesticides, hormones, etc. This company scientifically addresses these issues in a way that can be confirmed through research but just as importantly through testimonies about how it works in individual lives. I am one of those individuals, as are a number of people in my family and friend group. I have experienced the effects of the products (some of which are based on nobel prize winning research) and I have seen the life changing effects on those that I care about. There is no amount of under informed propaganda that can change what I know to be true about how this product impacts lives; I've seen it. Some of the points you listed were outright false while other points could be considered false through omission of important facts. It is understandable how this can happen whenever a review is conducted with a pre-established view that prevents research at deeper level (Vegan lifestyle people are usually very entrenched in their conviction, understandably so…it's a good lifestyle). I mean, why would you pursue the actual truth when your precursory overview can be stated in a way that discredits a company and products that are changing lives while using the short sighted ridicule to lend credibility to a vegan agenda? Once again, I don't think a vegan lifestyle is bad. I just think that there is enough research to prove that we aren't getting the nutrition that we need from table food anymore.

    Corporate farming is negatively affecting our food source!

    Isagenix is a pioneer in the fight against undernourishment and toxicity in our environment!

  7. @Plant Based Guerilla — A person over Facebook is trying to sell me Isagenix ( Damien Aldridge ) very pushy but knowledgeable. I have been weighting the Isagenix idea back and forth. I am doubting I would now after your video. its True it does cost a lot and I could use that money for Gym/ better food and such..thanks

  8. Anyone who believes this dropkick is a fool. Another fool who has no idea about the product he is actually bagging out. Its not a calorie restrictive detox program as you describe. Its a healthy lifestyle. Zero idea of what your banging on about.

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